Are you feeling creative? Why don't you give this galaxy-themed porridge a go? It's oat-of-this-world. Promise.

I posted an image of this to Instagram a while ago and it got such a reaction I decided to write up a recipe for you guys. It was kind of in homage to one of my inspirations, @SoBeautifullyReal. Take a look at her stunning account if you wish.

I'm not gonna waffle on about it because everything to know is right before your eyes. But I find making this kind of thing - something so simple into something rather beautiful - particularly soothing. Make it to impress a friend or just to add some variation to your ordinary breakfast.

A word on the purple stuff in the photograph. That was some leftover smoothie I had from my smoothie bowl recipe so I didn't include it in the ingredients below. However, to add some colour like this, you could simply add some smashed up berries or some frozen berries that have been blended with a little liquid (e.g. soy milk).

Galaxy Oats

Serves 1
Hands-on time:
10 mins
Hands-off time:
8 mins


¼ banana
½ cup jumbo oats
½ cup soy milk (or any other plant-based milk)
2 tsp black tahaini (which can be bought here [US]/[UK]*)
½ tsp soya/coconut yoghurt
2 tsp almond butter
1 tsp sesame seeds
½ tsp chia seeds
small handful blueberries


  1. To make the banana stars, slice the banana into rounds. If you have one (I don't), use a small star shaped cookie cutter to make the stars. If you don't, use the smallest knife you have to carefully cut out 5 segments of the round to make a star shape. Set them aside.
  2. Put oats in a small saucepan and pour one cup of boiling water over them. Let sit for 3 minutes. This will make them extra creamy.
  3. Add the soy milk, and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down and simmer for 5 minutes, until a thick, creamy consistency is reached.
  4. Put the oats in a bowl. Before adding the tahini, make sure to stir it thoroughly, because it separates in the jar. Spoon the tahini onto one side of the oats.
  5. Dot the yoghurt on top of the tahini. Using a skewer or fork, swirl it through slowly, in a swirly or marbled pattern. Don't swirl too much as it will mix in and turn grey.
  6. Sprinkle on the sesame and chia seeds in lines, followed by the blueberries and banana stars. See note above if you're wondering about the purple stuff in the photograph.