I was lucky enough to be on holiday in Grenada this week. Not Granada, southern Spain, but Grenada in the Caribbean(!) (which interestingly was so named as it reminded the Spanish sailors of Granada itself). Oddly enough, or perhaps not oddly at all for those who know me, my favourite Grenadan taste experience was not any of their wonderful tropical fruit or delicious vegetable rotis, but a cocktail from the hotel bar.

The dessert menu didn't really have much to offer for a vegan, so, naturally, I took to the booze. I wanted a drink rich and sweet enough to satisfy my dessert craving. Fortunately enough, Grenada is known as the isle of spice; its main exports are nutmeg and (often spiced) rum (and, incidentally, they grow the finest cocoa in the world). Needless to say, the cocktail menu was expansive. Great names, too: I decided not to go for the 'Pain Killer' or the 'Sleeping Tablet'. Instead I ordered the 'Spice Relaxer' but actually preferred my brother's choice, a 'Steel and Brass'.

It was so delicious I immediately planned to recreate it at home. Rather naively, I thought 'Steel and Brass' was a well-known cocktail, and that when I arrived home I'd have access to a bunch of recipes to do my own take on. However, on googling 'Steel and Brass', all I got was, well, that: lots of links to different types of metal.

Not to worry, though, I emailed the kind people at Blue Horizons, Grenada, and managed to get an idea of the ingredients from their secret recipe. It's super creamy from the coconut milk with a hint of chocolate from the crème de cacao (which, by the way, is utterly heavenly on its own). Plus, there's a warming sweetness from the dark rum. Speaking of which, check out the photo below: we actually took a tour of a rum distillery (when in Grenada….)!

'Steel and Brass' Cocktail

Makes 1
Hands-on time:
5 mins
Hands-off time:
0 mins


30ml(=1 fl. oz/2 tbsp) dark rum
30ml(=1 fl. oz/2 tbsp) white rum
30ml(=1 fl. oz/2 tbsp) crème de cacao (I use this one, and have checked it's vegan friendly)
180ml(=6 fl oz/¾ cup) light coconut milk
½ cupcrushed ice
 Angostura bitters (optional)
1maraschino cherry


  1. Put the white and dark rum, creme de cacao and the coconut milk in a blender and pulse a few times. There should be a little froth on the top. This can equally be done with a stick blender.
  2. Put the ice in a tall, wide glass, then pour over the blended cocktail mixture.
  3. If using, top with a few drops Angostura bitters.
  4. Skewer the maraschino cherry with a small cocktail stick and balance it on the side of the glass and serve.