Vegan Man Manual

About the cookbook

My cookbook, Vegan Man, was published by Haynes in 2018. It is a greater starter book for anyone keen to add more plant-based meals to their life but also has a few time-consuming dinner party dishes. The premise was the to make a cookbook with lots of hearty meals to cater for the paucity of male vegans out there (and consequent abundance of green-goddess style books on the market). The aim was also to counteract the stereotype that to be manly you have to eat meat. But food is food. So, of course, the cookbook is for everyone.

The Amazon link is below. To support the author and order directly from me (I don't receive any money on commission anymore from Amazon) please email with your name and address.

I’ll charge £10 + a bit for delivery but will match if Amazon is significantly cheaper. The book may arrive a little slower than Amazon but it'll be signed and sent with love!